iOS SDK Deploy Github XCFramework

This entry is next for iOS SDK Development Build XCFramework.

Prepare Github deploy to support CocoaPods, Carthage and SwiftPackage.

Now, we have XCFramework.

I will deploy github.

Full source codes are here. Please check.


Prepare github repository

Go to github, and create a blank repository. Once we create a repository and push something, we can see release tab

You can see “Releases” and “Create a new release” link.

You can create new release from here and can upload

Release = Add new binary, if you want to update new version, you should create new release

Prepare new release

Let’s fill

  • Tag Version (example is 1.0)
  • Title
  • Description

We can upload target files (XCFramework should be compressed as .zip)

Check “This is a pre-release” to indicate pre-release (test release)

I would like to upload DocC archive as well.

Press Publish Release, we can see releases Assets.

Now, it’s ready to prepare import tool support.

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