ads.txt app-ads.txt


ads.txt app-ads.txt

ads.txt (iAB) is for Web

app-ads.txt (iAB) is for App

These days, SSP required to prepare those files against publishers. (publishers = web site administrator or app developers.

Those files are for Advertiser to check whether this publisher is fine or not.


For Web.

DSP crawler checks web site and find this file under publisher web site and get information and inform advertiser about this

  • Publisher prepares (provided by SSP)
  • DSP, Advertiser use this information
  • DSP crawler find this file from publisher (iAB provide crawler sample codes)
  • Publisher put this file under top domain or other places

If there are a lot of DSP to support. Need to add lines.


This is the style. Target SSP,

#< SSP/Exchange Domain >, < SellerAccountID >, < PaymentsType >, < TAGID >

Example, pub-xxxxxxx, DIRECT, xxxxxxx


This is for app. But, app does not need to import this file in.

Same as ads.txt. This file location is under publsiher’s web page. In app case, service page or help page etc…

Format and Purpose is same as ads.txt

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