iOS SDK Development Build API Doc with DocC

This is new topic. We are waiting long term to provide official documentation tool from Apple. Before this, A lot of people made a documentation tool for Application documentation. jazzy and appledoc are powerful tool to generate application doc.

I customise jazzy output and provide API documentation for customers.



DocC is Apple official tool to generate API/Code documentation like JavaDoc, KDoc.

There are some rules to make rigid style documentation. If you want to know more, please check official documentation.

How to write

Let’s add comment to above SDK codes.

Add class comment, and method comment.


/// SDK Module
open class SDKModule: NSObject {
    /// hello greeting 
    /// - Returns: Fixed Message
    @objc public func hello() -> String {
        return "Hello!"

We can build documentation and generate archive from XCode

We can see documentation from viewer

From Viewer, Right click and select “Export”. We can export this as .docarchive.

I uploaded with XCFramework, so you can check original file from here

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