Couchbase on Mac

Install Couchbase on Mac (Community version)


  • Download tar zip from Couchbase website for Mac
  • Decompress tar and Drag and Drop .app file into Application folder

Start Couchbase

From command line, type

open /Applications/Couchbase\

You can see couchbase icon from task bar on the top (Mac)

The reason to use command is ignore root privilege for Mac. From application icon, you need root.

You can manage from this panel

Set up cluster

You can set cluster name and username and password. (Don’t forget username and password)

By default, user name is “Administrator”

Use GUI management tool

Run couchbase from command, open Webbase UI automatically (localhost:8091)

You can see dashboard


Buckets is a kind of database like MySQL.

By default, there are no buckets. (You can populate 3 examples from here)


You can see documents. (Documents is same idea of MongoDB document, like table of MySQL).

You can use GUI base search from here


You can use Query(N1QL) from this panel. You can see the results

Stop Server

From tool panel, select “Quit Couchbase Server”.

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